Doodle Week Strikes Back

If you didn’t doodle last time, well why not?! Doodle Week is back this month for more fun and games hosted by the lovely Laura and Claire.

Shortly I will be taking an enforced blogging break, so won’t be able to take part this time, but you can see my marvellous doodlage by clicking the Doodle Week category on the right hand side.

Go on, you know you want to….
Doodle Week July

Doodle Week Day Seven: Doodle Mad

Yep, those people make me doodlingly mad I tell you! Photography helps to harm the interiors of historic properties, never mind filming can leave us open to security issues. When someone asks you nicely not to take photographs, please don’t ignore them and creep away and do it anyway.

I reserve the right to a) kick you off the tower or b) lock you in the dungeon. You have been warned 😉

Phew, it’s the final day. Laying down now…