Exam Doodle

Inspired by news of Claire’s The Doodologist I have created a special doodle.  This doodle displays exam stress as you’ve probably already noticed.  This marks my further slip into the wibbly wobbly world of insanity 😉  I blame Claire – of course.

Those of you that are scratching your heads in confusion, may – I repeat may – understand after viewing my previous doodles

Doodle Week Day Seven: Doodle Mad

Yep, those people make me doodlingly mad I tell you! Photography helps to harm the interiors of historic properties, never mind filming can leave us open to security issues. When someone asks you nicely not to take photographs, please don’t ignore them and creep away and do it anyway.

I reserve the right to a) kick you off the tower or b) lock you in the dungeon. You have been warned 😉

Phew, it’s the final day. Laying down now…

Presenting – the Cartoon Me!

I asked Claire at A Little Piece of Me to make a cartoon of me and the castle I work at.  (I know, I’m crazy.)  In record time it is now finished and presented here for all to see!

As she doesn’t know what I look like, she tried a few different versions.  I have to say the one with the handbag is most like me, except I’m not that thin and don’t walk about naked :mrgreen:

Let me know your thoughts, as I love it!  Don’t forget to pop over and visit Claire’s blog.  Tell her I sent you.  :smile: