An Epic Easter Gift

I had to share this.  The Mum left me a gift while I was at the Castle all day with our Easter event visitors.  Apparently she made it just this afternoon!

Check out Mama Hen and her hatching chicks, there might be something else in there too…

By the way, she’s a bit fierce if you go near her nest.  You can’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

The Creature Invasion

An update of all the creatures that have been created lately, some comissions, some for Christmas.


The Nativity set was comissioned, and contains the full set of characters and animals with stable – only the characters are all bears!

Christmas Collection 09

We completed penguins again this year, as they were so popular last year.  We also did a few snowmen.

Mini Robins

We also tried out mini Robins!  These were very popular – it seems that the birds always are!  They also led to a collection of assorted mini snowmen, penguins etc.

We were very pleased to see many of these creatures make their way to raffles and charity events, as well as gifts.  The house does seem a bit empty without them now though…

Christmas Creature Projects

The Mum’s knitting projects are proceeding apace:

  • All the mice that we had left here have now found new homes, though there are a few left in the castle.
  • The penguins (shown here) are all gone! I didn’t even get one :( Some also were gifts for friends.
  • The snowmen were created for the Castle Fraser Christmas quiz, and if they haven’t gone already, the winners have been drawn and they will shortly. The only one not shown here is Henry, the largest. Don’t ask why I know his name.

We have also been comissioned for bats and the spring creatures are in the process of being created. I may post pictures of those soon for your delectation.

As a reminder, the mice and the spiders/bats are here and here.

Handmade Penguins

Handmade Snowmen


Like the Halloween mice?  Well, you might like these then.

My Mum has been producing Bats and Spiders of varying sizes for the castle to sell to raise a little extra money.  Here they are ready for sale:

I should point out that no patterns were involved, I just asked and she created.  The spiders even came with their own web!

There Be Mice In This House

Some of you will be pleased to know they aren’t the real-live kind, though I do have pet rats, but that’s another story…

The creative gene probably came to me via my Mother, who has been making things for years, even when she was quite a young child, and her Mother did also.  She is a fantastic knitter, she could probably do things in her sleep, and her current thing to make is mice.  The highly cute kind.

Here’s some pictures of the first batch (or at least most recent, she has made them before) and I persuaded her to make little Halloween version too.  She gets patterns, and then adapts them, and makes different clothes etc.

Please note, that I didn’t inherit the knitting gene sadly, I am rubbish.