New Films: Jane Eyre

I know, another Jane Eyre.  But somehow, this is ok with me.  It’s one of my most favourite books of all time, and as long as the actors get it right, which they often do – I can cope with another version of the story quite happily.

Here is the trailer for the 2011 version with Michael Fassbender *sighs*

YouTube Preview Image

I hope I get to see this at the cinema.

Noticing Clara

Well, Great Scot!

I have been watching over several weeks on TV the films Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3.  Great films, I’m sure you’ll agree – but the thing is Back to the Future 3 has always been my favourite.

I don’t know why – maybe it has a lot to do with it being mostly in a Western setting.  Goodness knows I have a soft spot for Westerns.

The reason I mention noticing Clara is that, though I’ve always thought she was quite a cute character as I love Doc Brown – it was only today that I noticed she wears – and gives to Doc part the way through – a Victorian/Edwardian Clara name brooch! I know it from its very distinctive shape.

I’m willing to bet it’s an original one that was picked up for the character too, they’re still very affordable to this day.  Check it out, she wears it on her collar here, and later at the dance with flowers threaded through.

Image copyright belongs to the owners of Back to the Future 3 – no infringement intended.

Vintage Trailer Time

I promised myself this after Nicola mentioned The Wicked Lady (1945) the other day.  The real Wicked Lady was actually from the same part of the world as I am, which makes it all the more interesting to me!

YouTube Preview Image

Do love the scary Margaret Lockwood, plus Patricia Roc and James Mason.  Does anyone else think that Michael Kitchen is a little like him?

While, we’re talking about wicked – what about The Man in Grey (1943)?  James Mason is absolutely terrifying in that film!  The end is really awful!  Again with Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert also love Stewart Granger – gorgeous voice.

YouTube Preview Image

No!!!  Argh!

Last but not least (for now anyway) in glorious technicolour, I could never resist a bit of swash and buckle…Scaramouche (1952) Stewart Granger and Eleanor Parker.

YouTube Preview Image

Ooooh, flame-haired wildcat indeed!  Truly the voiceover is dreadful.

Oh, go on then.  A favourite completely: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934) Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon.

YouTube Preview Image

Repeat after me with your best RP, Vintage films are the best!

A Quick Holiday Post for Holmes…

I know, it’s another video, but as I’m not up to writing much at the moment I thought I’d share the new Sherlock Holmes trailer with you.

Not particularly what I enjoy Holmes-wise (plus the fact I can’t stand Ritchie or Law), but a fun action movie I think I may enjoy anyway –  if I get to see it anytime soon what with snow and ice making visits outside the house rather unpleasant.

Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas so far, and hasn’t eaten or drunk too much :mrgreen:

Robin Hood, Robin Hood

It looks so good I had to say it twice 😀

Seriously though, have you seen the new Robin Hood trailer?  Russell Crowe looks really good in the role, and I confess did take me back to Gladiator days…

Did I mention I loved Gladiator?  No?  Where have you been?!  You must have remembered that I love all things Robin Hood right??

YouTube Preview Image

While we’re on the subject of old stories, how good was the last episode of Merlin?  A totally non-guilty pleasure of mine.  Here’s to series 3.

A Few Loose Ends

Here’s the part where I finally get to update on lots of things that I’ve been either doing or attempting to do this year.

With reference to castle visits.  I managed to visit Delgatie Castle again, and it was sunny too.  I think it could end up being a favourite of mine.  Apart from the usual suspects, I haven’t managed any other ones this year sadly.

Plus, the  history books I got my hands on?

The lovely people at Country Life Magazine sent me a copy of Adams Houses, I bought myself Jane Austen: the World of Her Novels by Deidre Le Faye and I’ve managed to borrow Sir Thomas Lawrence (which I love) and Treasures From the Trust.

I should also update the historic film and TV list.  I’m ashamed to say I originally missed off accidentally: Excalibur, Daniel Deronda, Dangerous Liasons, Howard’s End.  There are lots more I love that I will add eventually.

Talking of TV, after the glut of interesting stuff, there hasn’t been much on that I’ve liked lately.  Series 3 of The Tudors was pretty boring stuff, and I even missed the end.  Caught up with the predecessor of Victorian Farm – Tales From the Green Valley – which I didn’t like nearly as much, haven’t seen the new Wuthering Heights (not bothered either, I HATE the story and characters) and am currently watching the new version of Emma, which I’m not liking much either, sigh.

I hope to get out to the cinema over the Winter to see at least a couple of new films, and to get some fresh books to read as I’m getting a bit low on material.  Maybe someone will take pity on me for my birthday…

Haven’t managed any exhibitions either, though I do lust over paintings at every available opportunity.  I can dream about making an exhibition some time soon.

Last, but not least, I’ve done a little tinkering with this site, and gathered a lot of Eleanor material together.  I’m much more happy with the site now than I ever was, so I will put a proper front page up.  Not in any rush though (why rush now!) it will come when time and creativity permits.