Mr Darcy Does Freestyle Disco

I’ve seen the following clip on a number of sites and have shared this with friends, but it’s just too hilarious not to post here as well.

It is Mr Darcy as you’ve never seen (or heard) him before by Mitchell and Webb.

YouTube Preview Image

Also fantastic, but slightly more risque is ‘You’ll see more action…’ by Armstrong and Miller.  It’s a bit saucy for the more fainthearted among you.  There are a series of these sketches, so try and see the others too.  Enjoy!

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Supersizing With Desperate Romantics? Who Do You Think You Are?

TV joy, that’s who.

After the recent barren wasteland of historical TV, (or maybe that’s just my perception, lol) I have lately been treated to no less than 3 historical TV programmes a week.  Albeit, they haven’t all been about technical accuracy – but fun all the same.

For the past several weeks (finished tonight, boo) there has been the Supersizers Go…  For the uninitiated that’s a food critic (Giles Coren) and broadcaster/I don’t know what (Sue Perkins) try out food and lifestyles in different eras.  This is the second series.  They tried:

  • The Eighties (a bit dull this one)
  • Medieval (Cockantrice anyone?)
  • The French Revolution (For the outfits alone!)
  • The Twenties (Laxatives)
  • The Fifties (Horse meat, ack)
  • Ancient Rome (What’s worse rotten fish or duck tongues?)

It’s also worth seeing if you can find the episodes from the first series and the Edwardian programme.  Hilarious stuff, plus you might even learn a thing or two.  Just don’t watch Giles eat, and watch out for retching.

Hmm, what loveliness next?  The genealogical kind of course.  Who Do You Think You Are?  is back tracing the family trees of the famous.  Episode one with presenter Davina McCall was quite interesting, but episode two with DJ Chris Moyles was a tiny bit dull, but hopefully it will be back on form this week with presenter Kate Humble.  Always a quality show, even if they do make genealogy look super-fast and easy.

Last, and by no means least is Desperate Romantics.  Most of you will be aware that I love the work of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, namely Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Holman Hunt and John Millais.  This is a drama with a funky, humourous feel based on their lives.  The first episode was excellent, and I’m looking forward to the next one tomorrow.  Will it stick completely to the facts?  Perhaps not, but then I’m ok with that.

Enjoy, everyone.  I will be!

Sad Willi Has Arrived!

Buy into our general insanity, and give Claire some moral support while she finishes off her course work…check out Willi in his new home.

You might also want to read up on the back stories on her blog if you’re a bit bamboozled by the joke :mrgreen:

The Friday Joke

I heard this joke on the radio yesterday, and thought I’d share it with you (make sure you read it aloud):

Two elderly academics were sitting out on the porch at a nudist colony.

One said to the other: “Have you read Marx?” The other replied: “Yes, it’s these damn wicker chairs!”

Ha!  😆

Presenting – the Cartoon Me!

I asked Claire at A Little Piece of Me to make a cartoon of me and the castle I work at.  (I know, I’m crazy.)  In record time it is now finished and presented here for all to see!

As she doesn’t know what I look like, she tried a few different versions.  I have to say the one with the handbag is most like me, except I’m not that thin and don’t walk about naked :mrgreen:

Let me know your thoughts, as I love it!  Don’t forget to pop over and visit Claire’s blog.  Tell her I sent you.  :smile: