I Do Love Buckle Rings!

I’ve had my (Victorian, I believe) silver buckle ring for a few years now, but have only just started wearing it:

I’ve had a fascination with buckle rings ever since.  I believe I’ve seen some bracelets similar too.  Not quite on par with my hand brooch fetish, but still another thing to collect!

A Vintage Venetian Find

I love this, I really do.  The extra nice thing about it is that it was a gift.

I don’t know when this was made, but I suspect there were many made for tourists, and I have since seen a similar ring for sale.  I also think that they were probably produced over a long period also.

A Venetian coin bracelet, showing scenes from Venice.

I’m always on the look out for vintage guides to Venice too if anyone’s seen any…

Noticing Clara

Well, Great Scot!

I have been watching over several weeks on TV the films Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3.  Great films, I’m sure you’ll agree – but the thing is Back to the Future 3 has always been my favourite.

I don’t know why – maybe it has a lot to do with it being mostly in a Western setting.  Goodness knows I have a soft spot for Westerns.

The reason I mention noticing Clara is that, though I’ve always thought she was quite a cute character as I love Doc Brown – it was only today that I noticed she wears – and gives to Doc part the way through – a Victorian/Edwardian Clara name brooch! I know it from its very distinctive shape.

I’m willing to bet it’s an original one that was picked up for the character too, they’re still very affordable to this day.  Check it out, she wears it on her collar here, and later at the dance with flowers threaded through.

Image copyright belongs to the owners of Back to the Future 3 – no infringement intended.

The Necklace!

Due to requests, here is a small pic of my crystal necklace, which was inside the French chocolate box.  It’s not a great pic, but I hope to do some restoration to the necklace – so I will take a better one when it is finished.

You ‘get the picture’, right?

You’ll also be pleased to know that I have finished my courses, and the exams, and am just waiting for confirmation that I have passed everything.  Watch this space…

Also, I’ve finally managed to catch up on films, and have now seen Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and Alice In Wonderland.  Oh, and some new DVDs I ordered :smile:  I finally have some time!

I have also done some genealogy for the first time in ages, and I have lots to catch up on, and charts to make/amend.

I also have another ‘new’ aquisition.  I shall share soon…thanks to all of you that are still visiting.

A French Fancy

Check out a new acquisition of mine, a Victorian – so I’m told – chocolate box from Paris.  Its picture is still really fresh, and it has its original lace around the edge too.  No chocolates in there I’m afraid…

It is from the chocolatiers Marquise de Sevigne, which is still going today.

A nice bonus also was the necklace that was inside it.  I think this needs re-stringing though, as I’d love to wear it, but I don’t dare at the moment.

Mmmm, Marcasite

I’ve loved Marcasite for years.  I think it must be because I saw people still wearing the sparkling brooches made of it when I was a child, and just maybe I saw pieces in the jumble (junk) sales I used to be drawn to then too.

I remember when I was very young owning 1920s and 1930s handbags, necklaces and earrings.  But, they were my dress-up, so I don’t have them now.  Just goes to show how your character and taste is fixed even at that young age.

Over many years I have been gifted and bought quite a few Marcasite pieces, I have a few necklaces and earrings, but mostly rings.  As I said in a previous post, the only vintage Marcasite I have is two rings that I bought fairly recently.

Below is a group shot of my Marcasite rings, then my 1920s Deco Marcasite ring, and lastly the Marcasite ring I bought a few weeks ago.  I think this one is 1930s.

Marcasite group



The Cameo, Plus Other Pictorial News

As promised in my previous post, here amongst other things is the early plastic (probably early twentieth century) cameo brooch I bought at the antiques/collectibles shop at Haddo.

It is dark brown, detailed and gorgeous!  Didn’t hurt that it only cost a few pounds too :smile:

In other pictorial news, a few months ago I tracked down a children’s story book by Lavinia Smiley, also signed by her.  For those of you who don’t know, it was Mrs Smiley and her husband that donated the castle to the nation.

Another nice bonus was a little book about Sir Thomas Lawrence the artist (bit of scandal in there too, yay!) and a little oracle book, which looks like it was printed in the 1930s.  For those of you that also didn’t know – I collect oracles.

Please see the pics below, I have left some as thumbnails, and some give a closer view.  I have an update regarding the Mum’s knitting and creative projects, but as there is quite a lot to catch up on, it will follow in another post.

Cameo 1 Cameo 2

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Vintage Shopping – Jewellery or Silhouettes?

I’m really missing finding my antique jewellery bargains.  I’ve also now been lured into looking at antique silhouettes.  Great things to get, easy to store and the cheaper end of the market to buy thank goodness!

I haven’t had my fix of either for ages.  I haven’t bought a name brooch (or any other kind for that matter) since September 2008, and I haven’t got a silhouette to start my collection yet – soon I hope.

A Victorian Brooch Collective

Some of you may also remember that I love Victorian ‘black’ brooches, i.e Jet, Pressed Horn etc.  Here are some good sites to window shop at:

I haven’t bought anything from these sites yet, plus there are always auctions to pick up interesting items from.

Interesting information if you like this kind of brooches:

Some of my black hand brooches

A selection of my favourites

Here also are some great shops to browse at silhouettes:

The Victorian Jewellery Box

I’ve been looking at antique jewellery boxes for a few years now, but anything remotely nice has always been too expensive for me to get.

At the moment, the bulk of my brooch collection lives happily in a modern take on an antique box that I bought from Past Times, and it does the job, but still it’s not the same.

I was lucky enough to spot a small box at my local antique shop, and discovered that it is not only a Victorian Jewellery box, it is most probably a travelling one, and it still has it’s own key!  Very exciting for me, it’s in such good condition and was reasonably priced.

We can date it to the 1890s, as it has a small pocket where a lady would keep her fob watch, very fashionable at the time.  Check out some views below, the red interiors are much darker in natural light.

I haven’t decided what to put in it yet…

Box with key

Open Box

Box with tray

A Victorian Brooch Collective

I wanted to update everyone on my Victorian brooch collection, as I’m preparing a post about a ‘new’ item I’ve just acquired which is linked with these.

To recap – I started collecting name brooches after I fell in love with a little silver one ‘Edith’.  I’ve added to the collection from time to time, usually only when I spot one I particularly like.

So, to start there is:

All the Ladies



The New Girls



So Many Brooches, So Little Time

This is when I branched out into other Victorian brooches that I liked, not just names.  Also included:


Contrary Mary

This is the most recent name brooch I found, and has an interesting story!


Stay tuned for the sequel, more jewellery to come.