Those of you that remember our slightly obsessional love for the Sound of Music – I had to update on the exciting news that we have managed to grow a small crop of Edelweiss in the garden this year!  Though, last years’ was probably eaten by Bert the Evil Bassett Hound.

Here is a pic of one of our cuttings, will update on the rose garden soon, all our new roses are blooming at the moment!



I’m not normally a fan of adverts, I usually try to avoid them.  However, I keep seeing this one for an insurance company and I really love the Meerkats!

Here it is for you to check it out:

YouTube Preview Image


Apparently there really is a website too.

I love meerkats anyway, does anyone else watch Meerkat Manor and the like?

A Walk By the River

On Thursday we ended up in Huntly, which is quite a large town not too far from where we live. For me, it has the particular distinction of Huntly Castle. I’ve pictured the ruins here before.

We had a wander past the castle with some ice-cream, very civilized I tell you, then found ourselves in the parkland. It was such a hot day we stopped by the river for a paddle.

It was such a hot day, which is fairly unusual here as you get the sea breezes, that I documented our walk, which ended up right the way down the river. Watch out for swimming dogs (when river walking that is)!

All images copyright 2008 Alison Lodge

WW: Snowdrops

I’m seeing Snowdrops everywhere, and I love them! I took this photograph last week, whilst on one of our road trips.  This is for Wordless Tues/Wednesday. For other participants click here.

Update: Many of you tell me you hadn’t seen or heard of Snowdrops before.   We get them in the cold weather just before the Spring flowers come out.  They are wild flowers, and are usually seen in sheltered places ‘like a carpet’ along with yellow and purple crocuses.  Really lovely, tiny little flowers all of them.


I had two butterflies in particular in my garden the other day, which waited patiently as I photographed them.  That’s a first for me, they usually make a ‘run’, or ‘fly’ for it!  I particularly liked the markings on this one.