Welcome Sidney

Here at the homestead things have not been good for the family as we’re struggling with a major bereavement, which explains slightly my erratic blogging and reviewing – I hope you all forgive me.

One positive is our new Maine Coon kitty Sidney, or hissing Sid as he’s apt to be called sometimes!  He was adopted from a local animal shelter, like all 3 of our cats.

He’s got a Habsburg chin, eh?!


Introducing Merrick ‘Merry’ the Marvellous

Yes, we have a new cat.  He was a stray we adopted from the local Cat and Dog home, and he is roughly 7 years old.  He also has a slight jaw deformity which gives him extra character, not that he needs any!

Merry has the purr of an overactive tractor, and the cuddliness of the best of teddy bears.  I present him here:

All together now…

Oh, and before I forget, today is Bert the Basset’s 5th Birthday – Happy Birthday Bad Bertie!

A Happy Event

After multiple pet adoptions over the Winter, I am pleased to report that we have yet more pets.  Though not quite in the same manner as usual.

Our two latest guinea pig girls came to us with a little secret – yes, they were both pregnant, and yes we have a total of 6 babies to look after now!

You’ll be pleased to know that we have built a guinea pig nursery in their honour…

Amy gave birth to Snowdrop, Cinnamon, Bandit and Badger and Beth gave birth to Midge and Mungo.  We’re still trying to catch them all on film!

Merlin, the Thundersnow Cat

We have been following the work of Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home for some years, as they rehome a huge amount of dogs, cats and other small animals throughout the year.

We have also been thinking for quite some time of adding another cat to the family, as we were down to just one.

So, he chose us during the worst weather we’ve had for some time – including thundersnow.  Welcome, Merlin…

There’s Somebody (Squeaking) in the Room!

Well you know what they say about famous last words.

Both the Mum and I really felt the loss of Gilbert the last rat, and the Rat Palace had been tidied away.  The house just wasn’t the same…

So…I arrived home from work to discover…

The rats

Namely, nine week old MacDonald, Wilberforce and Cuthbert.  Obviously the Mum was weaker than I, and went in search of them.  There was supposed to be only two left, but one had hidden himself in the pipe.

Baby ratties could warm even the coldest of hearts.

Here Marks the Passing of Gilbert

Just briefly putting my head above the essay parapet to record the death of Gilbert the rat, my last ratty.

I miss him already, but I know he was ready to go and be with his brother.  :sad:

The pets are getting depleted, but I have no plans to get any more rats in the near future.  Goodnight, Gilbert, sweet dreams.

Introducing Sophie, the Prima-bunny

We’ve had Sophie a while now.  My Mum adopted her from a bunny rescue place.  As she is an albino many people won’t have them as pets, honestly people are very strange.

Anyhow, she has settled in nicely in her new domain, and has the most recalcitrant hair I have ever come across!  It just won’t lay down…

Sophie gets her own way too, I want attention and I want it now, ok?

Sophie...she who must be adored.