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Christmas Events at Castle Fraser

Here are the 2013 events, and very sparkly they are too!  Enjoy!

Christmas Carols   Traditional Christmas

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Christmas Art Craft and Food Fair at the Castle

Coming in November at Castle Fraser!  I will have some December events to update with shortly.

Art Craft Food Fair

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Raging Rabbits and Halloween at the Castle

Prepare yourselves…it’s nearly here.  Castle Fraser in October.

The Curse of the Raging Rabbit

Curse of the Raging Rabbit

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New Art Tour – October!

I’m doing my next art tour at the Castle now during the first week of October.  As promised, this time it is portraits and family genealogy stories.

If you’re interested in coming, please do use the phone or email details in the poster below.  Hope to see you then!

Lairds, Ladies and a Very Doric Darcy

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Moscow State Circus

Never been to a circus before?  No, me either!

So on Friday I went to the Moscow State Circus – and thankfully it was mostly about amazing acrobatics and not at all about animals.

We had a great time, and I even bought myself a new Russian Doll for my collection.

Circus atmospherics

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Leith Hall Re-Opens

I’m pleased to finally say that after 4 years Leith Hall has now re-opened!  Some of you may remember I did manage to visit before the closure and found it a lovely little treasure house.  Sadly, it has not been able to open until now.

Massive improvements have been made in the house, tea-room and garden and the Hall opened to the public for the first time on Friday, the main celebration happening yesterday (Sunday).

Do pop along to show your support and see all the good work that’s been done.  I’m off to see it as soon as I can – when I last saw it I was helping to pack the collection away for the imminent building works…

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Londinium Calling

It was so good to get back to London for a week!

I managed to see awesome members of family and fabulous friends to catch up and check out what they had been up to (my Aunt has taken to making awesome gemstone jewellery, which I’ll share some pictures of later as I bought some of her unique pieces).

Good people, good food – caught up with one of my fabulous fellow writers from Tuscany, AND I managed lots of revisits, sightseeing and shopping!

Places included -

  • National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Tate Britain
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Sir John Soane Museum
  • British Museum
  • Apsley House
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Hyde Park
  • Bloomsbury
  • City of London
  • Westminster

Here are a few highlights:

Apsley HouseApsley House

  St. Paul'sSt. Paul’s CathedralBMBritish Museum


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Writing in Tuscany

Some of you probably already know that I made the decision to take a holiday to Italy this year after not going anywhere for 5 years.  Some of you may also know that I decided to go to Tuscany to take an amazing chance of being taught by Sharon Kendrick in the surrounds of an ancient Watermill in the mountains.

Yes, it is and was as amazing as it sounds, and I learned so, so much.  I also gained confidence and amazing friends in the group of women that I met while I was there.  There is no excuse now not to make the best use of the time and finish my writing and send it out there into the world.

All I can say now is take control of your dreams and make them happen any way that you can.

Here are some memories of my time there – next I will blog about my trip to London on the way home.

The garden at the Mill

The gardens of the mill were fantastic, we wrote out there most of the day, and I loved the roses – so gorgeous against the blue of the sky.

Writing paradisePart of the Mill view from the walled part of the garden.  The river is to the left, and there are several buildings that form a courtyard.

Walking down

Our midweek day off took us on a hike and to the beaches of the Cinque Terre.

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Watch Out – Jousting Ahead!

Ah, July – this means that jousting is coming to Castle Fraser again in 2013!  Hooray :mrgreen:

Castle Fraser Jousting 2013 img666

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Miss Elyza the ‘Wanderer’

It occurred to me recently that though I had tweeted about this, I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog.

Miss Elyza of the Castle fame wrote journals about her travels.  We are well aware of their existence of course, but only some of us had travelled to see them in the local archives.

At the moment as part of an exhibition at the University of Aberdeen Library you can see several of Elyza’s journals on display – among many other documents.  So do pop by and see her!


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