Merry Christmas 2013

We’re not really up for the seriously festive at the homestead, but I have been enjoying some historic/traditional music which I thought I’d also share here.

Music is good for the soul right?  This is from Of Kings and Angels.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy 2014 to you all.  I hope there are still some of you readers out there anyway!

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New Music: 30 Seconds to Mars – Love Lust Faith + Dreams

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on music here, so I thought I’d update with some of the new stuff I’m listening to at the moment.

Principally, it’s 30 Seconds to Mars’ fourth album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams.  Really enjoying the first half of the album, the second half is still growing on me.  Album sleeve is also from artwork by British artist Damien Hurst, which is rather cool…

Here is the first single – Up in the Air:

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Looking forward to seeing them in concert again in November!

Have also been loving Hurts’ second album Exile.  I don’t think there’s a song on there that I dislike!  My favourite is The Crow however.  No video for that yet, but you can at least listen to it here.

I thoroughly recommend this album, and their first, which I also loved – Happiness.  Hmm, I should really see these guys in concert too…

New Films: Star Trek Into Darkness

I like both the old series (at least most of them) and some of the later films – and indeed I was a bit late to the party, but really liked the 2009 Star Trek ‘reboot’.

I have to say, this sequel looks amazing.  Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

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New Films: Mirror Mirror

I haven’t seen this one yet, but it looks as though it will be good!  There seems to be a surfeit of fairytale films and TV programmes around and in the making at the moment – including Once Upon a Time, which started on Channel 5 tonight.

I have recorded it, and will watch both with interest.  I have already seen the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman – no idea whether it will be good, but it is beautifully shot.

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New Films: The Artist

I have some posts in the pipeline, but in the meantime while I’m studying for my exams – please feast your eyes on The Artist.

It’s no secret that I love old black and white films, so this is right up my street.  I daresay many of you will have seen it already…

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Back soon!