Mars Concert Here At Last!

I never thought it was going to get here!  I managed to get tickets to 30 Seconds To Mars’ tour at the AECC for the 3 December, and that time came around really quickly.  Problem was the really bad snow where we all began to doubt that the concert would ever happen.

Good news is, after walking to the venue and back in the snow we made it and had an amazing time!  I didn’t take my camera, but here is a recording from that show…

(Sound quality is good for this one)

YouTube Preview Image

Snow Go

I’m used to living in an area that will have a fair amount of snow every year, but the amount we’ve had over the past week is just ridiculous.  I have now been under house arrest since Thursday, and only made one very dodgy trip out in a semi-blizzard to get some fresh food from the shop down the road.

I haven’t been able to do anything, and am really bored now!  Bog off snow, you’ve done your job.  Go and annoy someone else, thank you.

On the plus side, if there is one,  I like the very pretty icicles – so long as they don’t impale me later.

The Moon is out...

Snowed In

Oh the joy of waking up this morning.  Earlier on I’d been impressed to see that the snow from Wednesday was receeding, and I was fervently hoping that it would melt overnight.

8am.  Open curtains.  I can’t see anything through the window…

Turns out it was snowing so hard it was impossible to do anything.  The road hasn’t been cleared, schools have been shut and we are advised not to travel.  Worst snow for a while I think, and it had to coincide with a day I actually had things planned to do, thanks.

On and unrelated topic, I have decided to join Twitter.  If you want to add me, or me to add you for that matter, you can find me as ‘alisonlodge’.

Here’s to melting snow, or the occasional appearance of a plough, cheers.

Rain Stopped Play

I should subtitle this one ‘Fancy a Wii?’ – just because.

Well I managed to fit in the historical research I’m pleased to say, though my idea of fun is going through old musty records. Research is a wonderful thing, sigh.

You know what they say though, be careful what you wish for. I was hoping to squeeze some photography in on Friday, but it absolutely chucked it down with rain in the morning and was pretty windy, though this had calmed slightly by the afternoon the sky was still really grey and I’d given up the thought of attempting anything decent. I’m hoping to get to a ruined castle called Inverallochy soon for reasons that shall become apparent once I explain another time…

I finished Friday being thoroughly thrashed at bowling on the Nintendo Wii by my 6 year old nephews. I’m crushed I tell you…

P.S I’ve been a bad blogfriend the last couple of days and hope to visit some of you shortly, honest.

Bored With the Snow Now

Well, what can I say?  If I had wanted to go out and do something nice this weekend there was no way it could have happened.  On Good Friday we had howling gales and snow, the latter which settled overnight into Saturday which any of my regular readers will know forced the castle to close for the day.

Easter Sunday had more snow settle overnight, but thankfully though it snowed and hailed all day, we were able to open the castle for the Easter event, taking the hunt inside the castle.  We had a great and loyal turnout – thank you to all of you that came on Sunday – I hope you had a great time.

It was a pleasantly busy day (though cold in the Library even with heaters – note to any aspiring castle guides – always wear at least 2 jumpers in the winter and consider ski socks and gloves) unfortunately I was too busy and cold for that matter to take any photos – sorry!  It has continued to chuck down snow all today as well, so I imagine it was much the same at the castle, though I had to work at my day job and wasn’t there.

Hoping to go out with my camera and have other historical things to do at the end of the week, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  It’s come to something that I’m hoping it rains…off to bed to warm up now with good book!

First Snow

We’ve been flirting with snow for a while now. The first bought came early, and only settled for a while. I was actually convinced that we were going to have a lot of snow over Christmas, but still none materialised.

Frosts have come and gone, like on Christmas morning, so I was quite sceptical when the weather forecast was predicting blizzards in my corner of the world. Well, it snowed this morning, and on and off all day, settled a bit here and there…

yet now…the snow is coming down like it’s going out of fashion. Maybe if it’s still there in the morning I’ll take a picture for you, as they’re expecting 30 centimetres on the hills, 10 in other places.

We’ll see weather people, we’ll see…

Update: the snow fell, and fell all night and settled!  I took a couple of photos in the dark, but I don’t think they’re worth posting.  This morning it was all still there, but the ploughs came through early and it just didn’t look so pretty anymore.  Right about now it’s raining really hard, so in the words of the Wicked Witch of the West it’s ‘Melting, melting!”


I’ll say. It’s been gale force here, up to 90 mph in places, I think it was just over 50 mph where I live. I have to say it got a bit tiring after a while and as it’s November, it was also very cold :sad:

Anyhow, at the end of last week, the wind stopped briefly and it started to snow. Winter’s officially here.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Austria too, and they’ve been having lots of snow. Bodes well for the Hahnenkamm skiing race this year anyway!

You too can have a nose at the Kitzbuehel web cams here.

Out and About

As it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, I decided to get out and about and take some more photographs. Only trouble is I decided to do it on one of the windiest days we’ve had in weeks. Anyone will tell you who lives in Aberdeenshire that it’s windy a lot of the time, but what no-one tells you is that it’s usually gale force and you will have great difficulty in actually walking. I suppose you’d save money on Botox and cosmetic surgery though.

Until I moved here, I’d never seen birds fly backwards either :smile:

Though, there was some calmness later in the day, and I go some nice shots of the walled garden at Castle Fraser:

I’ll be showing more castle pictures in the near future.