WW: Snowdrops

I’m seeing Snowdrops everywhere, and I love them! I took this photograph last week, whilst on one of our road trips.  This is for Wordless Tues/Wednesday. For other participants click here.

Update: Many of you tell me you hadn’t seen or heard of Snowdrops before.   We get them in the cold weather just before the Spring flowers come out.  They are wild flowers, and are usually seen in sheltered places ‘like a carpet’ along with yellow and purple crocuses.  Really lovely, tiny little flowers all of them.

London Day Two: Apocalyptica Concert

Hello visitors! This post is doubling as Wordless Wednesday this week…

After the exertions of the previous day, a little lie-in was in order as well as a general catch up with my friend and time to get organised for the night’s entertainment. Apocalyptica are a Finnish band made up of 3 cellists and a drummer (they very often have an extra cellist when performing live actually) who first became famous playing covers of Metallica songs. It sounds unconventional because it is! But their fan base tells all, from metal to classical, they are amazingly talented performers.

It was a lovely cold day(!) to be queueing outside the Astoria in Charing Cross Road in order to get a good position inside the venue for photography amongst other things. This we managed in the balcony area to the left of the stage. It was a great night, started with 2 guest bands, Stone Gods, who I think were English, and ok, then Lacrimas Profundere who I believe are German who were also quite entertaining, I like some of their songs so will try to hear some more of their work.

Apo came on just before 9pm I think, and were amazing, they have a lot of energy when they perform together, and the stage was set out really well for viewing (unlike some!), with great lighting for photography (also got some great video) too. With their encore, they finished just before curfew at 11pm and a great time was had by all. I cannot recommend this band enough if you have the chance to see them, this was my second time.

Here’s some of my shots from the evening:

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Daze

I’ve come over all Autumn this week, and particularly liked the branches of this tree found in the gardens of Haddo House.  Those of you interested in flowers will see some from Haddo below.

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