Children’s Books?

Just a quick shout for help here.  Don’t worry it’s not painful.

I’ve decided to get the nephews some books to read on holiday.  They love things like the Astrosaurs, but I am looking for other good series to keep them amused on the journey.

Any good recommendations?  They are six, but have been reading books for a reading age of ten, so that’s not a huge problem.  Thanks :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “Children’s Books?

  1. These are maybe not the books you want for them but have you thought about the Asterix books? They are such fun and our boys re-read them as they grew older and are still laughing over new jokes!

    My 14 yr old has galloped through the Brian Jacques Redwall books. I haven’t read them but he loves them.

    What about Narnia, although maybe six is a little young.

    Then there’s The Really Dangerous Book for Boys full of all sorts of fun things verging on the not quite “give the parents heart failure” so fun for the kids!

    And all the commando books.

    • Thanks for the recommendations, I thought of Narnia too, I may tempt them with that yet! I think I have got them one of those books Claire, but I can’t drag them away from the Beano at the moment to find out what they think of it!

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