Christmas Creature Projects

The Mum’s knitting projects are proceeding apace:

  • All the mice that we had left here have now found new homes, though there are a few left in the castle.
  • The penguins (shown here) are all gone! I didn’t even get one :( Some also were gifts for friends.
  • The snowmen were created for the Castle Fraser Christmas quiz, and if they haven’t gone already, the winners have been drawn and they will shortly. The only one not shown here is Henry, the largest. Don’t ask why I know his name.

We have also been comissioned for bats and the spring creatures are in the process of being created. I may post pictures of those soon for your delectation.

As a reminder, the mice and the spiders/bats are here and here.

Handmade Penguins

Handmade Snowmen

4 thoughts on “Christmas Creature Projects

  1. Love the new design Alison. No, I do want to know how you know his name is Henry! 😈 What a wonderful woman your mum must be to knit all of these. Give her a Christmas hug from me, ok?

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