Cinema Trips – Plus Cuteness Overload

Monday was a holiday here, and as a treat the nephews got to go to the cinema to see Ice Age 3, and not only that – it was the 3D version.  Also as a treat, I got to go and see it too plus dodgy 3D glasses.  Bit of a change from the cardboard things I used many years ago!

Actually, it was really good, funny with in jokes that children wouldn’t get, and very entertaining in 3D.  The cuteness overload comes from one of the trailers we saw.

G-Force are highly trained spies….guinea-pig spies.  See the trailer, fabulous!  The mice will agree to anything…

YouTube Preview Image

7 thoughts on “Cinema Trips – Plus Cuteness Overload

    • Yes, funny but cool Claire :)

      It was the Aberdeen City Holiday Sandy, it has a historical reason for being, but I can’t remember what! Thank you, yes it was a nice change.

  1. You live such an exciting life. I wish I had nephews that lived close enough to take to the movies. I even wish I had a holiday. The film preview of the guinea pigs and mice was funny. :)

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