Cool TV – Moonlight

I’ve just got around to watching the first episode of this new series, and so far I think I like it.  A gorgeous vampire?  Hey, what’s not to like?!

Mick St. John is a vampire with a conscience who works as a private investigator (and in the near future I daresay will be a star-crossed lover too).  Why not check it out, and tell me what you think of it.  Episode 2 is tomorrow, so I’ll be giving it another whirl.

YouTube Preview Image

7 thoughts on “Cool TV – Moonlight

  1. Moonlight started here last fall and we watched it regularly. Yes, even my husband watched it. :) There is just something about that guy. Him and Johnny Depp…Mmmmmm. Hey, I may be 57, but a girl can dream! Or is that fantasize? 😈

  2. Moonlight is by far one of the best new sci-fi drama on tv today. Let’s hope more people start watching it so we can keep it on the air.

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