Cool TV – Most Haunted

I’ve watched this programme since way back in 2001 when it started, and the early episodes are still the most interesting (and very funny in places).

For those that haven’t seen it, it is a camera crew, presenter and medium touring the Most Haunted places mostly in the UK, but they have gone to Ireland, Romania, Holland and the USA. They hope to catch evidence on film of ghostly activity.

I personally watch it for the entertainment value, you can make up your own minds if you feel it is fake or not. I just like to listen to the history of places and laugh at their misfortunes upon occasion!

Take a look at the clip below, I believe this was filmed in Haworth in connection with the Brontes’ home, in a local graveyard. Keep your eye on Stuart who is the man further in the background.

YouTube Preview Image

Update: I hardly watch Most Haunted anymore as it has become very dull indeed, shame.

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