Cool TV – Victorian Farm

I know I’m not the only one finding this BBC2 series really addictive.

Many reality type shows are just embarassing or plain dull, but this is a breath of fresh air being more of a documentary.  Plus you learn so many interesting things.  I feel almost tempted to try Victorian cooking, though I’m not volunteering to either kill, pluck or skin any animals thanks.

3 (2 men, 1 woman) historians and archaelogists have moved to a farm in Shropshire for a year to run and work in a Victorian Farm.  They literally had to restore a tumbledown cottage, set up all the equipment and furniture, restore or build barns and get all the animals – this is along with learning how to use the machinery, look after the animals and then actually doing it.

It’s well worth your time seeing it, episode 3 was on yesterday, but you can catch up on BBC iplayer.

8 thoughts on “Cool TV – Victorian Farm

  1. Oh yeah, I heard of some shows like that…I think Frontier House was over here in the US and Victorian House was in the UK? I might have to look this one up. The concept is sure more interesting than most reality shows…I might just have to shove sporks into my eyes at the next loud breakdown on American Idol or Biggest Loser, especially if I’m trying to do homework while my mom has the TV on.

  2. They also did a prequel called tales from the green valley about medieval farming with the same guys and ruth.. very, very entertaining and shows how much we have falled from the wayside about self sustainability.

    • It’s a cool show, I think we have also had children doing broadly similar experiements on farms, but I’ve never learnt so much than from this.

      Mrs M, you could try Youtube, or I think there are other sites which put up shows. Failing that there is also a book about the show you could maybe get hold of a copy of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put the show on DVD either.

      I didn’t know that Sage, though I’m not sure I would have liked it as much as this one.

  3. I find this show totally addictive too. I watched all 6 episodes in a row on my macbook at the weekend. So addictive. I would love to have a chance like this, to go back in time and try rural crafts and having to make everything from cratch. And like it has been said already – what a breath of fresh air to watch. And instead of broadcasting another Big Brother for the erm.. 10th year or so why not make some more TV that is actually informative? I’d love to watch Alex, Peter and Ruth travelling back in time to another era for a whole year!!! Brilliant TV.

    • Absolutely! I hope they take note and make another series. Did you watch the ‘House’ programmes? I really liked the Edwardian Country House one. Similar idea, except the guinea-pigs weren’t experts!

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