Decisions, Decisions

June is a very busy time of the year for me in the day job, so when I can I’m already planning some things to do during July and early August and to take some time off to do them.

First plan is to visit some more furnished castles/houses this year.  Visited a lot of ruins last year, and although I love them, I love furnished historic properties best.  So what you may ask?  Well, here’s how you get to vote for your favourite, and the top ones you think I should go to this Summer if possible.

You will see the choices in the poll box below, but here are the links to the properties or in some cases pictures if no official website is available:

Cairness House, Balmoral Castle, Glamis Castle, Craigston Castle, Lickleyhead Castle and Delgatie Castle.  Note that I went to Glamis many years ago, and I visited Delgatie last year.  I just think they would merit further visits/updates.

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