Desirable Exhibitions

I’ll subtitle this one as maybe I’ll have the time?

It’s well known here that I love photographs and photography in general so the first exhibition I’d like to see is Vanity Fair Portraits 1913-2008 (14 February-26 May) which is showing at the National Portrait Gallery, London.  I’ve always thought that their photography was of particularly high quality, though I confess I’d probably enjoy the older shots more.

This ties in with my next desirable exhibition, Victorian Artists in Photographs: G.F. Watts and his World (7 January-13 April), which is showing at the Guildhall Art Gallery, London.  I love Watts’ work, plus Victorian art in general, so this is one I’ll actually try very hard to see.

Finally, a place I’ve wanted to see for a while, and is also holding an exhibition is Jane Austen’s House, Chawton, Hampshire (1 March for 10 weeks), it will be showing a display of costumes from the 2008 BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.  As far as I can tell, they are already showing costumes from the film Becoming Jane also.

Did I mention it will soon be castle season?  Yay!  More places to go…


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7 Responses to Desirable Exhibitions

  1. Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun ahead. Hopefully you will chronicle it here.

  2. I hope your castle season involves visiting the French chateaux? Very relevant to Eleanor I imagine!

  3. Will you please adopt me? :) I can’t wait to see the photos from your travels to these exhibits, as well as your written reactions. I may never get to the UK, but I can see it through your eyes. Thanks!

  4. can’t w84 the castle season – yippee! have a gr8 day, Alison and thx, as always, for your visits.

    • I will if I get a chance to go Damien, thanks. Now both Eleanor and I would love to see French Chateaux actually Jean, though we’ve not managed it yet sadly! Though saying that Fraser is actually very much in that style…

      I would adopt you Webduck, but you know I’d be a cruel mother :wink: If I get to go somewhere nice, I’m always happy to share! You and me both Rhonda, thank you all for visiting me!

  5. A.

    I didn’t know about the Chawton exhibition – and it’s just down the road from us!

  6. You do realise you have to go now, and give us all a critique!

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