Did the Earth Move for You?

Ok, whoever you are I’m coming for you. You, the one that gave me this bloody cold. 👿

I’m supposed to be updating, but I don’t feel like it. I’m cold, I have nose and eye juice (Claire) running as I type, I can’t sleep and I’m grumpy godammit!

I must thank Margaret for making me a shiny new EntreCard, those of you that use it should be seeing it right about now.  Thanks to all of you who have been popping in and commenting too, I am trying to keep up to date with this and with my visits in between sneezes.

Oh, and did the earth move for you last night? We had an earthquake, and because I was awake I noticed it! It was a mild rumble in Scotland, worst hit was Lincolnshire in England, apparently the damage is running into millions of pounds already. You can read about it here.

I’m in a high temperature induced haze at the moment, so if I remember anything else I’ll post it later, I know I owe some tags. Toodles…

11 thoughts on “Did the Earth Move for You?

  1. hi Alison (or, Eleanor? sorry if I mistaken your name…), get well soon ya, glad you’re fine after the earthquake. Here in my country -Indonesia- we had too, only in Sumatra, and it has been more than 10 times in 2008. I reside in Jakarta in Java island.
    You’re most welcome to sneak peak in my http://felinesophy.blogspot.com
    You may wanna check out my latest post about Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris & The Cat and have your say.
    See ya around!

    “Intertwining fate between cats and human…loss in bedazzlement”

  2. Bless you! I figured I would get that in now before you sneeze again. :) I am so sorry you are suffering. I hate having colds/flu. At my age, I get flu shots to help ward off any terribly nasty symptoms. I didn’t see that you had a quake, but I will check the USGS site and see what it says. I usually get alert emails from them when there are any over 5.0M. Hang in there “Rudolph”! Get well soon. :mrgreen:

  3. Gesundheit, à tes souhaits, and get well soon! We didn’t feel the rumbles right dahn sahf here, but the cat did jump up on our bed at that time so perhaps …

  4. Thanks for all your good wishes! (Chicken soup Rhonda??) The earthquake was certainly interesting, but not that bad, only a few people were slightly injured, and I know there are far worse ones around the world.

    Hopefully now I am beating the dreaded cold, though not the weather which is cold and gale-force today…

    A big hello too, to all the new visitors and commentors over the last couple of days!

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