Doodle Week Day Seven: Doodle Mad

Yep, those people make me doodlingly mad I tell you! Photography helps to harm the interiors of historic properties, never mind filming can leave us open to security issues. When someone asks you nicely not to take photographs, please don’t ignore them and creep away and do it anyway.

I reserve the right to a) kick you off the tower or b) lock you in the dungeon. You have been warned :wink:

Phew, it’s the final day. Laying down now…


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16 Responses to Doodle Week Day Seven: Doodle Mad

  1. Alison, this is pretty good too, but not as naughty as your one from yesterday. Thanks for letting me post your yesterday’s doodle on my blog. I have given you the erotique award for doodle week for that one. You are amazing. It surely showed another side of quite little Alison, I must say!

  2. Are you and Mark related by any chance?!

    Stick figure me on British Speak…I feel a swoon coming on…where are my smelling salts?

  3. I like the sharp teeth. A doodle of errant photographers tossed off the tower would be very cool.

  4. Scary sharp teeth and lightening bolt. I don’t want to make YOU mad. Uh Uhn. No Way.

    Fun Doodles.


  5. The lightening bolt really stresses just how mad you are!
    Cute doodle :mrgreen:

    Take care,

  6. It really bugs me when places like that tell you not to take pictures and then you go to the gift shop to buy postcards and find…. NOTHING! They could have postcards available if they want to ban photo taking.

  7. Oh, look, a naked guide… Must take a picture!

    • Thanks fellow doodlers, I might just doodle the tower kicking soon :grin: Don’t worry Laura, we sell postcards and books with pictures, not in the castle Stine!!

  8. Everyone’s showing me their nekkidness. It’s great to be me.

  9. You finished off Doodle Week in great style Alison :)

    I cant wait to see a) and b) doodles :twisted:

  10. We’re too good to you Mark :mrgreen:

    Thanks Claire, it was fun! I might have to add a c) at this rate. Perhaps I will do these doodles and one of Max :twisted:

  11. Oh dear. Doodle Alison looks understandably upset!

  12. hmmmm, you had no comments from anyone wanting to be put in the dungeon? :roll: I don’t get it?

  13. Hmm, remarkable likeness…..

  14. Upset, no…it’s just you Kathryn :wink:

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