Doodle Week Day Six: Doodle Abstract

I did use colour for this one, but my scanner is being mean to me, so here it is in black and white for now…


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5 Responses to Doodle Week Day Six: Doodle Abstract

  1. A stick figure with clothes on! freak!

    heh :)

    Nasty scanner messing with you.

  2. My stick figures are always dressed too. Your printing is much nicer than my chicken scratches.

  3. Abstract clothing. Does that mean you’re really naked?

  4. A stick figure with a boob tube/tube top on and nothing down below! Whoa! I need to sit down.

  5. Bad, bad scanner Claire :mad: My stick figure mostly prefers naked I think Laura, but thanks! Probably Stine…Mark you are a perv, stick me is wearing a skirt. Check out the latest one!

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