Easter Chicks & Spring Frogs

The Mum has been working hard over the Winter period, and this is her latest project.

Check out the variously outfitted chicks, and their long-legged frog friends!

Easter ChicksSpring Frogs

4 thoughts on “Easter Chicks & Spring Frogs

  1. Oh, those are so cute. I love them both, but I like the chicks the best. Your mother is so creative. 😀

    P.S. Have you thought about putting CommentLuv on your blog? Makes for a nice bit of linky love for your commentors.

  2. The Mum is creative. Add that to a daughter who looks for lost churches and ::boing:: what more could a devoted blog-follower ask for? My cup runneth over. :)

  3. Thank you! We’ve just 2 chicks and 4 frogs left. I hope to find homes for the others in time for Easter too.

    I’m glad to hear it Max, or I’d have to hurt you 😈

    Oh, and I’ve toyed with the idea Carol, but haven’t made a decision yet.

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