Georgette Heyer Revisited

I’ve mentioned the novels of Georgette Heyer a few times on this blog, and am back to re-reading my way through her historical books.  Powder and Patch again, to be exact.  I will carry on in publishing order from there when I’m in the mood.

(You can find my other Heyer posts via my search box on the right if you want to, they aren’t particularly relevant to this post, so I’m not linking directly.)

I’ve wanted for years to hear that someone is making a film or TV adaptation of her work, but nothing ever happens.  Today though, I discovered there’s a old black and white film of The Reluctant Widow made in 1950, which you can view online.  I will post a link to the first part – and there apparently was also a German version of Arabella made: Bezaubernde Arabella (1959).  Learn something new every day!

Here’s the details of the film from IMDB: The Reluctant Widow (1950).

I’m off to search for a DVD copy (legal of course)…

YouTube Preview Image

Please, please someone make a decent version of one of her books!

2 thoughts on “Georgette Heyer Revisited

  1. I’d never heard of the film version of The Reluctant Widow. Must look out for that. I’ve given up waiting for TV adaptations of Heyer’s books. I genuinely believe that anything that is considered “light popular fiction” will never get a film or TV version made these days which is why we are inundated with Austen adaptations. They are considered respectable. I’d love to be proved wrong though. I’d adore a film version of Beauvallet as a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and Elizabeth.

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