Good Lord, I’ve Had Prinny in a Tin for Years

I don’t suppose it would surprise many of you to learn that I have a small amount of old coins would it? No??

My parents saved some old coins for my brother and I when we went decimal here in the 1970s, but a friend of ours actually left me her collection of coins as well, the majority of which are Victorian pennies, and I doubt any of them are worth very much as they are mostly well worn and battered. But hey, I love them.

I was sorting out a cupboard a couple of days ago, and rifled through the coin tin looking at the pennies, thinking I might photograph one or two of the really old ones with the clearest pictures of Queen Victoria to post on here.

It was then I discovered that I actually have a George IV coin (Prinny) dated 1823 amongst them. I was very surprised indeed as I looked at them a great deal when I first got them, and have no recollection of this particular one. It is very dirty and not well kept, also being slightly bent, but again I love it.

Why you may ask? ‘Cos it’s old silly.  Just think who might have owned this coin over 185 years? Oh, and for the very nosy amongst you, I think it’s a Farthing coin.

6 thoughts on “Good Lord, I’ve Had Prinny in a Tin for Years

  1. We have so much in common, it is just eerie. :) Just the other day I was looking at my own coin collection of some I had inherited from my grandpa, parent’s, etc. I have Grandpa’s 1843 half dollar, and I think my brother has his 1892 dollar or half-dollar. Grandpa was born in 1892, so he always carried that one around with him. I love old coins. When we took a flight to Chicago a few years ago we were sitting in an area waiting for another flight when I noticed the chair beside me had some coins in it. I tentatively reached over about the same time the guy on the other side did, and we examined the coins. They turned out to be from Libya. No one came back to claim them, so the other guy and I split them. :)

  2. That is extremely cool. I only have a very meager coin collection – I hate to even call it a collection. I am trying to gather all sorts of coins from all over the world. Especially trying to get all the European countries before the Euro…

  3. That is amazing! I must admit, I’m not much of a history buff, and I’ve only seen things that old in museums. But to find that in your own home, that is exciting!

  4. Your wish is my command Rhonda! Oh, and I will get onto that tag for both you and Stine asap.

    How funny Webduck! A lucky find for you with the Libyan coins too. I would like to have had a coin from my ancestors, but I am really fond of the Victorian pennies, so that’ll do for me.

    Why the nickname Prinny Stine? Or why collect that coin? George IV had a number of not so nice nicknames, most popular being this one as he was for many years the Prince Regent. Unfortunately, I don’t know the origins of the coin.

    I wouldn’t really call my coins a collection Michael, I don’t add to them and they fit in a small tin! Good luck with yours though, now is definitely the time to get some of the European ones while they are still affordable. I wish I’d kept some of mine now.

    I was amazed I admit GM! Wait to you all see my next post!!

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