Have You Seen This Man?

(Or Woman).  As many of you know a hobby of sorts of mine is tracking down lost and missing paintings.  Hey, this art historian in training does not have an off button…

In particular at the moment I am looking at copies of Raeburns the originals of which I know were sold at the beginning of the 20th Century, and I’d love to know if any of you have seen them anywhere.  If the information is private, you are welcome to email me – I would not make this information public, it would only be noted.  Otherwise, please give me a shout if you have seen any of them in public collections anywhere!

The most prominent one I am looking for handily has a photograph on the web – Lt Gen Alexander Mackenzie Fraser.  Now, this is the photograph of the copy that was sold at Christie’s in 2001, and the one I am interested in, of course, is the original.  This is rumoured to be on display in London.  I am aware of one copy allegedly being in Essen, and I know where the other one is!

Another where there is a photo of the copy (though you may need to squint) is that of Elyza Fraser, who poses more of a problem, as I can only find a record of her sitting for Raeburn in a 1908 book about the artist.  The NGS has no record of her at all, or of where the original may be.  Another is her sister Martha Mackenzie, nee Fraser.  I know this was sold, and I have record of this, but I am assuming this is in a private collection as it has not been sighted since before 1920 and may possibly be in the USA.  No picture of her, I’m afraid!  She does look similar to her sister Elyza however, and if you think you may have seen her, but are not sure if you can find me a picture I can confirm it either way.

Any information appreciated, so do let me know!

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