Hello Boys!

Meet my new babies, Sully and Gilbert.

Aren’t they gorgeous?   :smile:



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8 Responses to Hello Boys!

  1. Ah they are little weeties. I had two rats in my younger days – Rancid and Cuddles. Havign four cats puts the mockers on having rodents as pets, sadly

  2. Oh thanks for linking. I will do likewise

  3. They are very cute! In a ratty sort of way. :wink:

  4. Jams, I still have 2 cats, but a very handy utility room! & you’re welcome :smile:

    Well said, Webduck :wink:

  5. I’m not sure our two cats would agree!

  6. They probably would, though not in the way that I’d like, more ‘where’s my knife and fork’ kind of way.

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