Hello Breathing Space

Well, for a short while at least.  It is now the holidays at Uni, and though I have essays to write it’s nice to have a short break to do something relaxing.

I’ve also been taking a few days leave from work here and there, and on Friday after a break of several years I visited Duff House again.

Duff (designed by William Adam) after a chequered few years, is now an art gallery, though it is not simply paintings and sculpture et al, rooms have been beautifully re-created with furniture, carpets, china etc.

It also has lovely grounds, which include and Ice House and the family Mausoleum.  I love a good mausoleum!

4 thoughts on “Hello Breathing Space

  1. You like mausoleums, too? I thought I was the only one who like the solitary echos on cool marble in the hot summer.

    You were probably in jest though. Bummer. The stories I could tell you. The Max Maudlin collection.

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