Hello Hypothermia…

…farewell fingers and toes.

My first full weekend of the season at the castle.  It was a bit of a slow start to Saturday, but it picked up a little and we’d had quite a few visitors by the afternoon.

It’s funny, it’s almost like you have to get back into castle mind frame after being closed over the Winter.  Not that you’d forget how to be polite and helpful to visitors of course, or really forget about what we offer at the castle, but after this weekend it’s almost like I’m getting back into my groove.

I have to say though, as the weather has been particularly bad this March the castle is freezing, and as you can imagine heaters only go so far to keeping you and the room at a reasonable temperature when you are standing around in it all day.  Still, it’s quite motivating to keep you moving around and doing some little jobs behind the scenes that make life easier for staff and visitors when you have the time.

Sunday, would it be warmer?  Er, no actually.  Even with extra clothing and no less than 4 trips up and down the spiral staircase by noon I was still freezing.  Note to self, invest in thermal underwear.

Come and laugh at our misfortune by visiting us Wednesday-Sunday 11-5.   All welcome :mrgreen:

You know I wouldn’t change it as I love it.  (Still, thermal donations gratefully received!)

5 thoughts on “Hello Hypothermia…

  1. Is it wrong to want to see pictures of you freezing at work? A little behind the scenes video would be cool!

    Do it! :)

    Does setting you on fire count as a thermal donation?

    “Give a man fire and he’s warm for a day; set a man on fire and he’s warm for the rest of his life”

  2. Thanks goodness for the heaters – can you imagine it there all those years ago! On the other hand – is it nice and cool in the summer?

  3. Hmm, good idea Claire, though not sure if I can do it security wise. Does hurling you on the fire when you visit count as a warm welcome? 😈 But you’re on a pole Guru, so you don’t count.

    I often think of them in sympathy years ago kml. It would still be expensive to light all the fires in the rooms to keep warm, I think I would have had a blanket permanently around my shoulders! Plus it’s cool all year round – you don’t notice the Summer really. I don’t think I’ve ever worn short sleeves to work.

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