Hello Vintage

I’ve made up my mind this time. The last time Victorian/Edwardian inspired fashion was about I only bought a couple of things. This time I’m stockpiling. I love this stuff, you can blame it on Radio Days, who got me into vintage stuff when I was 18.

Here’s a couple of finds: the blouse I bought last time around, and I adore it, the boots I just got recently in a sale after seeing these ones, which are equally gorgeous, but too high for me. I’m 5′ 8″ now and refuse to be Amazon woman.

Sorry, pictures don’t do them justice.

4 thoughts on “Hello Vintage

  1. Fab stuff.
    You’re so right! Must check out the shops this weekend, have only seen 70s stuff so far and that’s no fun when you remember it from the first time!

  2. Not at all puffy! It’s very elegant and Edwardian I’ll have you know…

    The blouse is a bit special Melissa, I’ve never seen one as nice since. I didn’t like 70s stuff the first time round Elinor! Not that I wore any of the high fashion stuff, but still…

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