Help Save Braemar Castle

I first visited the lovely little castle at Braemar about 14 years ago.  Since that time, for a number of reasons the castle had to close to the public, and remained closed for many years.

In recent years the people of Braemar decided to rescue the castle and have obtained the lease for the next 50 years.  A few years have passed, but after a lot of hard work the castle re-opened to the public on the 3 May.  I was fortunate enough to be able to visit it on the Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK.

The volunteers have done a wonderful job, working on the grounds as well as the castle, many of the rooms have been refurbished very sympathetically, and a benefactor purchased and donated much of the castle’s original furniture back to the castle.  There is still much to be done, so why not visit and your entry money will help.

You can click here for news and updates regarding Braemar Castle.  Makes me feel very fortunate for what we have at Fraser.

Image copyright Alison Lodge 2008

5 thoughts on “Help Save Braemar Castle

  1. It looks beautiful, I’m sure lots of people would love to visit it.

    I haven’t had a good mooch about in a castle for ages, must renew my National Trust membership.

    I wonder how many castles we have in the U.K?

  2. Can’t find any castles to visit nearby where I live. Have looked really hard, too. May have to come to Scotland and look around there.

    Alison trembles at the mere thought…

  3. I think there must be many, many castles in the UK Kathryn. I suppose we could count up the ones that are open to the public, but then there are the others that are still private homes. I’ve got a great Scottish castle book which pretty much lists all that are here. Btw Max, no I’m not worried, Braemar isn’t near me 😆

    Are you offering to set it up Chris?

  4. Chris, you really walked into that one 😆

    Perhaps I’ll make it my Sunday afternoon net mooch? I only have a European Castles book, time to have a look on Amazon for a U.K one.

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