History Books I’d Like to Get My Hands On

Been thinking about these a lot lately, keep updating and trimming the list.  Have absolutely no space in the house either, but who cares…

Here are my top books that I want to own:

  • Sir Thomas Lawrence: the Artist by Mark Levey
  • Momento Mori: Churches and Churchyards of England by Simon Marsden
  • Strawberry Hill: Horace Walpole’s Gothic Castle by Anna Chalcraft and Judith Viscardi
  • Thomas Hope: Designer and Patron in Regency London by David Watkin and Philip Hewat-Jaboor
  • Saving the Tsar’s Palaces by Christopher Morgan and Irina Orlova
  • William Morris and Red House: A Collaboration Between Architect and Owner by Jan Marsh
  • Adam Houses (Country Life) by Eileen Law
  • The Jacobean Country Houses (Country Life) by Nicholas Cooper
  • The Regency Country House (Country Life) by John Martin Robinson
  • Versailles: A Biography of a Palace by Tony Spawforth
  • Van Dyck and Britain by Karen Hearn
  • The Wallace Collection by Stephen Duffy
  • The V&A Guide to Period Styles by Anna Jackson
  • Discovering Scottish Architecture by T.W. West
  • 1001 Paintings From the Louvre by Vincent Pomarede
  • Art Treasures of Kelvingrove by Hugh Stevenson
  • The National Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue by C. Baker
  • Jane Austen: the World of Her Novels by Deidre Le Faye
  • The History of British Art 1600-1870 by David Bindman
  • Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories by Carol Belanger Grafton
  • The Lonely Empress: Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria by Joan Haslip
  • Emperor Francis Joseph by John Van Der Kiste
  • Childhood At Court 1819-1914 by John Van Der Kiste
  • Mode Ilustree Fashion Plates by Florence Leniston
  • Houses of the National Trust by Lydia Greeves
  • Treasures From the Trust
  • Belton House by Adrian Tinniswood
  • London’s Country Houses by Caroline Knight
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum, London by Tim Knox
  • Sleuth: the Amazing Quest for Lost Art Treasures by Philip Mould

This also doesn’t include the books that I’m looking for that are out of print!  Any recommendations?

9 thoughts on “History Books I’d Like to Get My Hands On

  1. The Versailles book has been on my list for a while, and a few of your others appeal to me so much that they’ve been added too. Just waiting for an Amazon token for Christmas – long way off. The list will be unmanageable by then.

    • Versailles is somewhere I have wanted to visit for many years, and I came close to a friend getting me a guide book once, but then she had to cancel her holiday so I never got it! I need Amazon donations too! Out of curiosity, which of the other books interested you?

  2. The only history book I’m after at the moment is Whitaker’s History of Craven, long out of print and almost impossible to find. There’s a copy on eBay for £221 :-(

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