Hopeful Castle Visits

I completely forgot to update on the results of my castle poll from June.

Apart from the one or two of you that voted ‘Other’ and didn’t specify where (doh), the top castles were:

  1. Cairness House
  2. Balmoral Castle
  3. Glamis Castle

Sadly, I’ve heard some really bad reports about Balmoral, and that it is not worth the visit, as you only see one room.  I’ve not seen it myself, but it has moved down my list priority-wise.  This leaves Cairness and Glamis.

I hope to visit Cairness very soon, as I love the classical style mansion house look.  It is not open very much, but I have some time off coming up, so I will do my best.  Glamis is a little far, so unless it’s a whole day trip I doubt I’ll get to go this year, sob.  The good thing is, as a very popular castle to visit, it tends to be open more than some.

I’ve also been thinking about castles and houses all over the UK, and indeed the world.  Where would you suggest I go?  Please tell me your favourites, and leave a link to a website if you have one too, I’d love to visit some of them vicariously through guide books if possible also!  :smile:

11 thoughts on “Hopeful Castle Visits

  1. Can recommend Woburn Abbey and Bletchley Park both nearby me, you would be more than welcome to stay but I am planning on leaving for cornwall as soon as possible… house up for sale etc… also Moggerhanger park connection to the abolition of the slave trade. Let me know if you need any local information… ps I used to work at Balmoral and the grounds are probably better than the house itself… apart from the outside.. still worth a visit but I believe quite expensive now…

  2. I would go for Glamis. I haven’t been to any of them on the list and I’m sorry to say I hadn’t even heard of Cairness House. Perhpas that’s a good enough reason to visit, but I always fall for a castle.

    • That’s strange Claire, because I checked for messages. I do like your choice though, and Cawdor Castle is another of my wishes.

      Love your choices too Sage, I wish I could pop down to visit! I know Balmoral has its merits, but people tell me often it’s just too expensive for what you can see.

      A, I’ve been to Glamis before and it is lovely, though a bit far for a day trip, so a bit more difficult for me to do. Castles are my favourite, but if you follow the Cairness link you will see what I mean about it.

  3. I went to Balmoral many years ago and think I only saw ONE room, which was a good one, but so disappointing. Glamis is excellent though.

    • Yes I loved Glamis, but will keep Balmoral on a lower priority. There are so many other places I could see first! Would be nice to photograph the exterior though.

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