Hot Air Balloon Flight at Castle Fraser

I have, yet again, Elinor to thank for the link to this most excellent video.  When do I get my go?!


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3 Responses to Hot Air Balloon Flight at Castle Fraser

  1. Oh my – how neat was that?! Never been so up close and personal…*lovies*

    hey, i have a gift for you. it’s here: Perfect Blend of Friendship…I really appreciate having you in my bloggy world *big grin and lots ‘o huggies*

  2. i’m laughing ’cause somehow my link takes you to Sandee’s place – comedy plus!!! stop by my place instead, k? *laughing*

  3. Hi Rhonda, it is cool isn’t it? Thanks and hugs for the award :grin: I think you both must really be the same person and have been fooling us all the time with different blogs, eh?!!

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