I Love Sherlock Holmes

I love the books by Arthur Conan Doyle of course, but my favourite thing is to watch the TV series with Jeremy Brett.  He is just my ideal Sherlock Holmes (or ideal Holmes lol).  The other films and dramas just don’t do it for me.

I also think that the locations are really well chosen, plus the sets and costumes fascinate me.  My favourite episode is ‘The Eligible Bachelor’ closely followed by ‘The Illustrious Client’.  What’s yours?

I miss Jeremy, sigh.

5 thoughts on “I Love Sherlock Holmes

  1. Wonderful! I loved watching all the Sherlock Holmes television shows. My favorite was Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, too, but I did like Jeremy Brett as well.

    I love this blog! :mrgreen:

  2. Yet another thing we have in common. As an old person though, I grew up on Basil and Nigel Bruce, but you know, Jeremy Brett really ‘became’ the character even more than Rathbone. I think he was a superb actor, and I too miss him. I also think that the only person who ever could play Miss Marple was Joan Hickson. I wanted to be Miss Marple. I would love to sit in a cozy English hotel and crochet (I don’t knit) and listen to conversations and watch people! And, to round it out, no one will ever play Poirot better than David Suchet. He “owns” that role now, in my eyes.

  3. My fave is The Copper Beeches which is rather gothic and has a great heroine, brave, capable and intelligent. I just LOVE the Jeremy ones, I still get a shiver down my back when that theme tune comes on!

  4. Oooh, I am surrounded with people with excellent taste! I do like Nigel Rathbone also, but Jeremy Brett just blew everyone else out of the water.

    I like some of Miss Marple, but I love Poirot, the 1920s in particular one of my favourite periods.

    You know, I picked 2 I love, but there are so many more I love as well…I wonder if I should have mentioned them too 😕 The Copper Beeches, is that the one with supposed treasure in the house somewhere?

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