I Should Really Read Twilight…

I’m taking a short break from the busy madness of my life right now just to write this!  Hello and thank you to all of you that are still visiting.

I am working hard finishing up the day job for the year before the holidays, and the castle is very busy indeed this time of year.  I won’t say I’m complaining cos I like being busy, but I just don’t have the extra time and energy to write much at the moment.  I have plans for soon though…

So, back to Twilight.  Something made me buy Meyer’s book ages ago, even before plans for the film were announced.  I have had it on my reading pile for an age, and it moves about but I still haven’t got to it yet.

I’m quite tempted to see the film, which has had fairly mixed reviews, but I’m more of a book person anyway.  So maybe I should just read it, and then the others in the series.  Maybe I’ll even have time soon.

But…watch the trailer for the film if you will, looks impressive to me.

YouTube Preview Image

8 thoughts on “I Should Really Read Twilight…

  1. Of course, you know that I live in WA state, and close enough to Forks for it to be a day drive. One of the reasons that the setting for Twilight is so perfect is that it is kind of dank and dark up there on the Olympic Peninsula. Actually, it is a rainforest up there where ferns grow on tree trunks and they get tons of rain. My dad was stationed at Quillayute Air Station near the end of WWII and he and mom lived in Forks for a while. :)

  2. I need to know if the book is as good as one camp says, or as bad as another seems to think. No one seems to be middle-of-the-road about it, that’s for sure. My friend lent me a copy that I’m starting tomorrow.

    Good to see you back, and hope you have more time for reading soon!

  3. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one behind in my writing!! I look forward to reading more of your post after all the busy time is over! Merry Christmas.

  4. Shame we can’t view altogether eh?! I love vampire films, and I liked the trailer, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been disappointed by one of those! Any of you that do go and see it let me know.

    The book has moved up the reading pile again, but I still haven’t started it. Been looking at the book reviews, and am unsure to be honest. Still, some of my favourite authors have been discovered this way.

    Thanks again Kevin!

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