I Want to See the New Bond Film…

I’ve been sucked into wanting to see Quantum of Solace after seeing the new trailer.  Only trouble is I haven’t seen Casino Royale yet.  Will have to hurry up and update!

They both look dark, I so like dark films :smile:

YouTube Preview Image

Update:  I have now got my hands on a cheap DVD of Casino Royale.  A quick review, as I won’t bore you with pages of comments, but I loved it! It’s Bond, but different –  good different.  It’s exremely action packed, and I thought fairly violent in places, more so than I’d seen before for a cert 12 anyhow.  I loved the new beginnings, back story if you will, Vesper’s character was complex and refreshing.  Oh, and it had Venice in it too.  I shall be watching Quantum of Solace very soon I hope.


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4 Responses to I Want to See the New Bond Film…

  1. A little dark, but easily the best of the Bond films. Although I wish they’d learn to hold the camera steady!

  2. I cannot tell a lie, I want to see it too lol!

  3. I will, and have decided now!

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