In Memory of Eleanor

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This is a very special post dedicated to Eleanor herself. Today is the anniversary of Eleanor’s death in Harby (or Hardeby) Nottinghamshire. 717 years ago to be exact on the 28 November 1290.

As I’ve said previously, Eleanor’s tomb is in Westminster Abbey. Sadly it is closed to the public (it being situated amongst the tombs that surround Edward the Confessor, her tomb is at the feet of her father-in-law Henry III) In 2005 though, I was given special permission to visit, and was taken up in the footsteps of the pilgrims (otherwise known as very rickety worn stone steps!) to meet her. It was a beautiful and quite emotional sight. I’d love to know what her tomb looked like when it still had all its’ decoration, especially the gemstones.

Lastly, Edward ordered (with large sums of money and land) that the queen’s anniversary should be celebrated every year on the eve of St Andrew the Apostle’s day. Amongst other things 100 candles should be lit around her tomb until high mass had ended. This task was carried out right up until the reformation. Why not light a special candle for Eleanor today?

A postcard image of the Victorian electrotype of Eleanor’s tomb, from the National Portrait Gallery, London. Part of my Eleanor collection.

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