Introducing Merrick ‘Merry’ the Marvellous

Yes, we have a new cat.  He was a stray we adopted from the local Cat and Dog home, and he is roughly 7 years old.  He also has a slight jaw deformity which gives him extra character, not that he needs any!

Merry has the purr of an overactive tractor, and the cuddliness of the best of teddy bears.  I present him here:

All together now…

Oh, and before I forget, today is Bert the Basset’s 5th Birthday – Happy Birthday Bad Bertie!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Merrick ‘Merry’ the Marvellous

  1. 😉 What a handsome addition to your family. Congrats to you and Merrick! Happy Birthday to your Basset Bertie too…. You have two reasons to celebrate!

  2. Hello, Alison! Merrick is gorgeous! We rather last touch for a few years! I still think of you and now that I have a feed reader, I’ll put your blog there. Have a wonderful week. :)

    • Hello, nice to see you! Glad you are still interested in reading too – I think I’ve lost touch with a few bloggers that I used to see a lot of a few years ago…

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