Introducing Sophie, the Prima-bunny

We’ve had Sophie a while now.  My Mum adopted her from a bunny rescue place.  As she is an albino many people won’t have them as pets, honestly people are very strange.

Anyhow, she has settled in nicely in her new domain, and has the most recalcitrant hair I have ever come across!  It just won’t lay down…

Sophie gets her own way too, I want attention and I want it now, ok?

Sophie...she who must be adored.


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5 Responses to Introducing Sophie, the Prima-bunny

  1. A touch of gel might hold that hair in place, but it’s fantastic as is! Makes quite a statement :)

  2. Like most of my family’s pets – cute, with attitude! She’s just had a trim I think Melissa…

  3. She is so cute!!! The name suits her well.

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