Introducing the Enigmatic His Judas Bride

I’m happy today to have the fabulous Shehanne Moore with me, talking about her new book His Judas Bride.  Here’s an exclusive interview – hopefully I’ll be able to show the cover very soon too as it sounds all very exciting.  And er, frankly the Wolf is making me salivate in a rather unseemly manner…


Q. So, Shehanne, you’ve brought an…er… very interesting  quote along with you.  Which, given all these…uhm…gentlemen you have with you, is a little concerning.


The 'Gang'

A. Oh never mind them, they’re pussycats really, firstly I want to thank you for asking me here today.  It is a real pleasure to be on the fascinating blog of the woman who was brave enough to give Lady Fury her own Pinterest board and offer to dress her for the wedding…if authors Anne Lange and Aimee Duffy don’t kidnap her first to get their mitts on Flint.  Yes the quote was supposedly said at the Battle of Mons Graupius, location-wise us as lost to us Scots as the holy grail was to the round table knights.  I just thought the words pretty well sums up what the boys there are up against in terms of defending their glen from their neighbours.  And this being a classy blog, why not bring it?

Q. This is a Scottish setting then?

A. Absolutely. I believe in doing different things. As if I don’t bang on enough about Glencoe, because I love it there so much, I will bang on some more and tell you that’s the fictional setting, although the name is different. I am using many of the places, the Lochan, the path to the Lost Valley where you wouldn’t want to stumble, to name a few.


Q. So we’re not seeing rules in this story either?

A. No. But you will be seeing a hot Scot….

Q. Hmm. How hot?

A. Scorching.  As you can see.
















I like giving my heroines a dilemma. I think they deserve it.

Q. The Black Wolf?  Can you tell us a little about him

A. You mean what’s there isn’t good enough?!  Callm formed the Brotherhood after his wife was murdered.  He may be very sexy but he fell apart a bit then and him being a clan prince and all, he was ashamed, so it’s not just Lochalpin he guards from dangerous intruders.  He’s most definitely not for getting involved again.  Ever.

Q. Hmm.. So heroine-wise are we looking at another Lady Fury here?

A. The tag line is His Judas bride…desiring her could be murder.  Despite that, Kara is very different from Fury.  She doesn’t take a reticule off Callm’s head for a start.  Of course she doesn’t have one to take.  She’s as quick thinking, although that’s one of these strength/flaw things where she’s concerned.  Where Fury kept a steel lid on her emotions because the past had turned her into grey stone, Kara still has that spark, that ability to see the funny side though life has done terrible things to her.  But I’m telling you now she’s a bit of a mess and she does go for broke.  Anyone would who has been through what she has.

Q. Now I’m curious, if you were to sum this book up in a line, what would it be?

A. In a line. How far would you go to save the thing you love?  Well?  Go on.  Ask yourself.  The stakes here are pretty high in terms of what the heroine and hero love and just what they will do to save it.

Q. Are you able to share anything else?  Like the cover?

A. Lol, I can share the release date, which is August 2nd. 

Q. So soon?  That must have made this a very exciting year for you.

A. Alison, I pinch myself daily that I only subbed Fury To Etopia Press a year ago at this point.  I haven’t got the cover from them yet or believe me, I’d have brought it along to share!  I’m dying to see it myself.  But I can give you the blurb:

To save her son, there is nothing she won’t do. 

Dire circumstances force Kara McGurkie to forget she’s a woman. Dire circumstances force her to swear to love and honor, to help destroy a clan in order to get back the life she lost.  But when dire circumstances force her to seduce her fiancé’s brother on the eve of the wedding, will the dark secrets she holds and the things she wants most, be enough to save her and them, from his powerful allure, especially when she knows he may just be playing with her.

To save his people, neither will he. 

Callm McDunnagh, the Black Wolf of Lochalpin, ruthlessly guards heart and glen from dangerous intruders. But from the moment he first sees Kara he knows he must possess her, even though he also knows that surrendering to his desire may prove the most dangerous risk of all.

Now no problem becomes big problem as passion and desire rage out of control. Kara must look into the soul she thought she sold to make a choice. But can she look deep enough? Only she can decide who and what passion can save, or destroy, how when and who will finally learn the truth of the words… Till death do us part.



So is anyone else fanning themselves with excitement?  Well you should be after that ‘hot’ pic!  Good luck with the new book Shehanne, I am all agog for more information when you find out.  Book release date is in the calendar…

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Enigmatic His Judas Bride

  1. Thanks so much for your good wishes and asking me here today. Hugely appreciated, the rush this has been. 😆

  2. I, for one, cannot wait to meet this hottie scottie. 😉 (no matter how hard a try, this lady in red keeps getting in my way of a very handsome pirate) 👿 So, I guess I must move on. I’m okay with that *sniff* But I have to say, I really feel for Callm, to have lost so much already. I’m quite willing to give him a strong shoulder to cry on (oh, excuse me for a moment I think I need to shove somebody out of the way…hey, lady, didn’t you sell your soul to that guy 😈 ).

    😆 Hey Shehanne…only three more days and we’ll (all) get to see the cover! Woo Hoo! Seriously, congrats. I am so happy for you. The first was fabulous and I know this one will be as good or even better. I can’t wait to read it!

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