Join Us At Castle Fraser for Easter!

I’m pleased to announce that Castle Fraser opens on Friday 21 March.  Why not join us this Easter weekend?  We have a special Easter extravaganza from Sunday 23 to Monday 24 March.  Check out our poster below.  Each month I will be posting a new guide to our events so do keep your eyes open!  Don’t forget you can check out all events happening at National Trust for Scotland properties at our website also.


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11 Responses to Join Us At Castle Fraser for Easter!

  1. ::::big sigh:::: Wish I could be there! :) It all looks lovely.

  2. Would love to be there, but sadly unable to make it. Hoping to get up to Aberdeenshire to see where the Troups of Coull & Aboyne hailed from :-)

  3. Hi Alison! This is Pepper the Fruit Bat and Bonnie here. We would so love to see a picture of your Fruit Bat, do you have one you could send? We are always looking for fellow bats. I wouldn’t post the picture or do anything with it without your consent of course! If you want to share your Bat with my Bat, email me at bonnie (at) storyboardproductions (dot) com. That would be great.

    Oh how I wish I could join you on this trip. It just looks absolutely lovely.

    Have a great day! B and P

  4. What is the infamous egg roll? My family and I had planned to take a trip to Scotland, Ireland, and England this Spring, but had to put it off. But whenever we get there, Castle Fraser is on the list!

  5. Kai

    Easter at a castle??? Sounds like great fun!! :grin:

  6. Never one to say no to a castle, but you really got me with the chocolate eggs!

    Its a shame its too far away, i would love to bring the folks along for the egg roll, perhaps one might end up in Cornwall :lol: !


  7. Would love to, but I’m a bit too far away, I’m afraid :P

  8. Joy

    Trust me, I’d go in a heartbeat if I was within the vicinity! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  9. Hello,
    I have been to Castle Fraser and I enjoyed the short stay. But it is to far away for a short trip.

  10. Wish you could all be here too! Hi Pepper and Bonnie, will email you…

    Hello Rainer, cool you’ve visited, that’s what I like to hear! Now, you know all the rest of you still have to visit, I don’t care how far away you are :wink:

  11. kml

    Looks like a beautiful place for Easter! Wish I could be there – Enjoy your day!

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