King Arthur

I’ve loved this film ever since I saw it at the cinema.  I think it’s totally underrated and very enjoyable.

If you’re interested in the legend of King Arthur, or you simply would like to see a new take on it, this is definitely for you.   Plus if you like men charging around with swords and blood and guts of course.  I like a little Gawain myself…

Oh, and no I don’t believe this is the true story.  It’s just another story like this one.  Which I also like.

5 thoughts on “King Arthur

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I saw it in the theatre on opening day and very much enjoyed it. I thought it was well done and is so underrated.

    I also enjoyed Excalibur back in the day.

  2. FYI, the movie is loosely based on a mix between the legends and what some historians believe is the true story (that Arthur was actually the leader of a unit of Roman soldiers). The story is not much like the legends in Mallory’s “La Morte de Arthur”, which is why I was disappointed… I was hoping to see something similar to the original legend.

    That’s not to say that it’s not a well-made film… but I was hoping they’d pick either “legend” or “history” instead of trying to base the movie on both.


  3. Hope you enjoy it Melissa and Kathy. I think it’s well worth a watch.

    You have excellent taste Vixen! They tried too hard I think Shan, and made it a little mixed, neither one thing or the other. But if you forget about the legends and watch it for what it is, it’s a great film.

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