London Day Three: HIM Concert

After a late night, plus snacks as I am always starving after concerts, we had a late start to the day preparing for the HIM concert. HIM are also Finnish and the lead singer has done some work with Apocalyptica before. This is probably the last HIM gig I will go to, so we got there pretty early as the fans always queue early for them and we wanted a good photography spot again!

I’m pleased to say we got an even better spot and we liked the support band Kill Hannah who are from the USA. They were pretty excited to be at the Astoria (I wonder if I get frequent attendance points?) and played an energetic set, so I will be looking into hearing more of their music, and you will find a video of their song ‘Lips Like Morphine’ below.

HIM came on quite early, and played a really long set, mixed with old and new songs which I was glad about as I’m not so fond of their new stuff, but their roadies took ages to set up and I was getting seriously bored waiting for them to tape down rugs to the stage!

All in all, it was a good night, and the fans certainly enjoyed it, but I think we all would have appreciated even just a quick encore.

Here’s Kill Hannah’s video and a few of my shots of the evening (HIM’s lighting was a bit crappy):

YouTube Preview Image

2 thoughts on “London Day Three: HIM Concert

  1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure they’ll tour again next year, but you have to be quick as all the teenage girls want to buy tickets 😉

    Apo are more fabulous I think.

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