Miss Zena Dare

Some time ago, I posted some of my collection of movie photographs.  As you know, I love the vintage stuff – especially the vintage films!

While I was thumbing through the lovely Old Postcards shop (as you’ve probably noticed I love these too), I came across a ghost from the past – namely Zena Dare (in this case, pictured with her mother).

Now, as you will have seen from my old posts, for the most part the stars of the time are usually recogniseable.  Zena Dare however, was a name that I hadn’t heard before.

Zena Dare (born Florence Hariette Zena Dones) was born in 1887 in London, and in 1899 along with her sister Phyllis had her first performance on the London stage.  They both took the stage name of Dare.  From then on, her career was to last over six decades – only having a break when she married and raised 3 children.

Zena died in 1975, her sister following 6 weeks later.  Both their careers are well worth looking into, and there are some amazing pictures of them still in existence.  Here a just a few of mine.

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