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I’m really getting into Little Dorrit now, and lo and behold, the Autumn TV schedule has provided more delights for us to watch.

Starting last night, Channel 4 has a new drama about the Civil War called The Devil’s Whore.  I am particularly interested in this period of history so I am quite impressed with it so far.  The end of the episode was quite shocking, I watched with my hands over my mouth!  How creepy was Peter Capaldi as Charles I?!

I have also just heard that there is going to be a new drama series, which was entitled The Last Van Helsing, but now appears to be called Demons.  It stars Philip Glenister as a Van Helsing, and was produced by the same people as Hex, which I also loved.  You can see a trailer here.

Has anyone else tried Apparitions starring Martin Shaw?  I’m not sure what to make of it yet.

4 thoughts on “More Autumn TV

  1. I saw the first episode last week, loved it… thought it dealt with the subject matter with reasonable sense while not being over the top… looking foward to another epi and have recorded the Devil’s whore from last night to watch later on.

  2. I was taken by teh Devil’s Whore but tehn I am fascinated by the Civil Wars. Interesting to have Sexby as a key character. It will be interesting to see how they do the Putney Debates and his plot to assassinate Cromwell

    • Chris, I know. I wondered what it was for a moment! It’s been interesting Jams, if an ordeal. I don’t know what you think of the final episode with Sexby etc?

      I’m still not sure about Apparitions Sage, but it’s oddly watchable.

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