More Vintage (Goodness) Updates!

A few weeks ago I went along to a junk yard with a few friends.  Actually saying it’s a junk yard is the tip of the iceberg – it’s an enormous place sprawled across an old farm, and you could find anything there you could ever wish for I’m sure…

Having spent some time there though I was fairly bamboozled from the choice – furniture to washing machines, mostly antique and vintage stuff and a range of prices.

I’d come across a small china cup and two saucers though, which I eventually decided to adopt.  I also unearthed a huge box just of stoppers for decanters – all shapes, sizes and glass colours.  The scary thing is I could easily become addicted to those!  I restrained myself and just bought one for now.  I think it’s really pretty and unusual.  They also have potential as collectible items as you can pick them up relatively cheaply.

Saucers and Cup

Decanter stopper

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