Movie Glamour

As promised when I talked about First A Girl, I have dug out my movie memorabila from the 1920-1930s.  I’ve also talked before about some other favourites.  I hope that all the clips still work.  I’m amazed that some of the films still aren’t available to buy :sad:

The first part of my collection is about pictures.  The pictures you will see here are part of a collection that have been requested from movie studios, collected on postcards, from contemporary magazines and from advertising.  Some of these actually date back to 1905-6, and they contain film stars, stage stars and models.

The first two I’ve included are the largest in the collection, Janet Gaynor and Charles Farnell (scary teeth!) and Richard Dix.  I also have the original envelope from Los Angeles, California post stamped 1928 for the Richard Dix one.  I have about 40 of these pictures, so will show a few more shortly.

Janet Gaynor and Charles Farnell

Richard Dix

Betty Balfour, Lois Moran, Dolores Costello, Alice Terry

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