Mr Darcy Does Freestyle Disco

I’ve seen the following clip on a number of sites and have shared this with friends, but it’s just too hilarious not to post here as well.

It is Mr Darcy as you’ve never seen (or heard) him before by Mitchell and Webb.

YouTube Preview Image

Also fantastic, but slightly more risque is ‘You’ll see more action…’ by Armstrong and Miller.  It’s a bit saucy for the more fainthearted among you.  There are a series of these sketches, so try and see the others too.  Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


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4 Responses to Mr Darcy Does Freestyle Disco

  1. Gah! Copyright restrictions prevent me from watching these. Going to see if I can search them up some other way, because I have no problem with saucy :)

  2. I was all ready for some sauciness too, and it’s blocked for me also. :sad:

  3. This was just so funny…. xx

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